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 Janine-Langley Wood 

Author of angels & demons, darkly original monsters and kick-ass vigilantes.

Hi and welcome to my author website.


Here you'll find links to my books, journal & magazine features, news, interviews, TV, radio and public appearances. 


As a writer I'm constantly plagued by ideas that must find their way to paper or screen lest my brain should explode in Aldi or Oxfam, showering unwitting shoppers with sinister scenarios, hideous crimes & befitting punishments, along with some rather unsavory characters.


Whether urban-grit or gruesome horror, ideas for my stories usually emerge in everyday life scenarios: an overheard chat on the bus, a news bulletin, a debate at work or in the pub; a voice that grabs me by the ear and invades my head. You see, like most writers I am a somewhat sinister voyeur - always watching, always listening, snatching morsels of inspiration, planting seeds that as they grow may well be subjected to a sprinkling of supernatural dust, a process, I hope, that creates something to remember.


Meet me here for regular updates. Or come and say hi at my next reading.







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